How it all began..

 Sometimes, life can have a complete turnover. One year before taking this picture, I was at my home country India, dreaming to be an aspiring geologist through research. My current work place, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, was a place I had only wished to visit back then. A friendly mail from a professor in response to my application for a PhD position made all the difference in my life and one year later, I was in Bern, Switzerland for my PhD in Geochemistry. And four years later, I became part of the ETH research group for cosmo- and geochemistry. This journey was fruitful- in my eyes and in those of many others- but had also encountered the bitter side of it on the way. Both sides taught me many things and very importantly, a way to deal with every situation independently with a beautiful smile.

Here, you see me experiencing snow for the first time on top of Jungfraujoch (popularly known as the 'Top of Europe') at 3463 meters above sea level.

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