About me

I like to travel- small travels, long travels, up a mountain, down a valley, to a sloppy marsh, to smoky volcanoes, to ancient castles, to bustling cities, to fairy tale villages, to Gothic haunts; a visit to Como, a flight to Boston, up the Matterhorn, down Shimla valley, to the bogs of Galway, to the puffy Etna, to ancient Stonehenge, to the Broadway theater. My travels go on.

If you ask me what interests me most, I don’t have a specific answer. Landscape fascinates me; my camera always captures pristine nature. People and their food interest me. I try to understand their temperament through their food- the spicy Andhra lamb curry, the cheesy spaghetti Carbonara, the slurpy Ramen, the huge hamburgers of N.Y. I take care to taste the local food wherever I go.

Looking at the Thun castle I say, this is sandstone, typical of the place. Bending my neck backwards to view the tallest spike in the cathedral of Milan (ancient cathedrals attract me, I do not know why!) I say, oh, Gothic art in marble. I collect rocks from the places I go (when people collect curios and jewellery!).

So, in short, I am an enthusiastic traveler, who travel for the sheer joy of it. I am a photographer (not professional) and a foodie. I appreciate art, ancient and modern. That explains me. Now you might be wondering about my interest in rocks. I am a Geologist too!!

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