Geology rocks!

Oh yes, I choose to travel. During these travels, I have witnessed some unique landscapes, and these were part of fieldtrips. Due to this reason, I owe a lot to this amazing field of study- Geology. I have made a couple of mishaps during my high school levels, which you might have had as well, but the biggest choice that I had made at that point is something I feel awesomely great of- Geology!

The picture was taken from Corsica- out of nowhere. This view was amazing, but of course, you have to climb all the way up to see this. However, we geologists don't expect this view when we go up; we would be expecting to see some fresh rock outcrops. Some of these plans are often spontaneous-we just go in the direction of the outcrop with only science in mind. And that's it- the view you get as a reward for the hard work! Geology rocks always! 

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