The natural shores of Lake Como

Como is definitely a place that should be on everyone's bucket list. This small city can make you ravish and be lavish at the same time! The lake is definitely the most popular destination for tourists, but there is more to the place than that! This place has a little bit of everything- history, art, architecture, and of course, delicious Italian cuisine! 

Monumento ai Caduti per Servizio, the sculpture of a hand  situated in Como Central, dedicated to disabled people who were active for the service of  the country

Lake Como, just before sunset

It takes at least two days to cover the entire Como, and also its surrounding villages that are accessible by ferries and boats. The hillside village of Varenna is a charming place to spend an entire afternoon. A neighboring and glamorous village, Bellagio, also known as the 'Pearl of Lake Como' is also worth a visit. As tickets for the ferries are always in demand, it is better to book beforehand and plan accordingly. Also, the time schedule of the last ferry that reaches back to Como needs to also be taken into account when you plan the whole trip.

The next foggy morning, I got a splendid view of the lake along with the spray fountain at Villa Geno at a distance. For a wider view of the steep, green hills that surround the lake and also the picturesque villages along the coastline, I suggest visiting the surroundings of the Museum of Tempio Voltiano, a museum dedicated to the scientist Alessandro Volta.

There are many parks and gardens in and around Lake Como where you can spend a relaxed afternoon and enjoy the breathtaking sunset that follows, which marks the end of the day. You can find nice local restaurants near the shore and also near the Piazza Duomo, further up the town. Even though slightly expensive compared to an average Italian restaurant, some of the dishes are really worth a try, and I would recommend nice fish delicacies!

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