Embracing the art of authenticity: a personal journey


Living in a world that demands to be successful and popular, I have most of the time chosen to navigate life with a different compass. For that, it has always been important to view life with a different eye. While my profession demands adherence to facts and logic, most of the places that I have visited have been bits and pieces of my never-ending poem. 

Travel, for me, is not just about visiting destinations but about immersing myself in their essence. Take for instance, my travel to Prague. Instead of preparing for the journey by looking up video reels that say about 'ten things to do in Prague', I plundered over my interests. Each detail meticulously researched, and every corner explored with curiosity, the travel itinerary had everything I wanted including time for spontaneous plans, to eat a Trdelník (chimney cake) for instance. After I left the place, I was quite sure that I missed an important or highly recommended landmark, but the true essence of the place lingered in my mind, thus validating my approach in the end. 

From my own travel experiences, I have come to realize the importance of embracing individuality when crafting one's journey.  When one wants to travel somewhere and plans what to do, it is always good to think how another person in the same position might be thinking the same way when visiting your homeland. A European colleague of mine had asked me which places are interesting in Kerala, my homeland in India, if she is visiting. I gave this some thought. Clearly, a journey on a touristy houseboat along the backwaters of Kerala, though appealing to many others, might be too artificial for her. Experiencing the monsoon in the rainforests along the Western Ghats mountain range would definitely be interesting. In the end, it took me so much time to answer what would be interesting for her to do in Kerala, even though Kerala is one of the most beautiful places I know. This was also a reminder for me to remember when I travel that true exploration lies not in ticking off the 'must-see' sights, but in maintaining meaningful connections with the places that I visit.

Due to these reasons, I firmly believe in the power of the individual mind and its perspectives. Whether through travel, art or any creative endeavor, every interest is subjective, and every decision is connected. Though I am writing a blog for the world to see and be influenced, I think following my mind and maintaining my own style is the best way to convey ideas to the world. A unique voice and lens matter. In the end, it is all about not following the crowd, and having a signature of your own. There lies the influence.