A hidden gem in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland: Grosse Scheidegg


Switzerland is definitely everyone's dream paradise. Interlaken, situated in a valley in the Bernese Oberland region, and higher altitude places such as Grindelwald and Kleine Scheidegg are on every tourist's list of priority destinations. Though very beautiful,  these destinations can be sometimes overwhelming due to the tourist rush during the holiday season. During one autumn time, I visited Grosse Scheidegg which is comparatively less crowded and located not very far from Grindelwald - an ideal place for a weekend getaway!

A mountain hotel in Grosse Scheidegg, Bernese Oberland

I stayed at Berghotel Grosse Scheidegg, a mountain hotel (more likely a large hut) at the top, with my friend who was also looking forward to a weekend in nature. Reaching the hotel was not difficult - after catching one of the occasional regional trains from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald, a direct bus  (
https://www.grindelwaldbus.ch/entook us directly to Grosse Scheidegg and the hotel which was the last stop. 
The bus journey included nice views of the Bernese Alps and a short view of the popular Eiger Wall. The valley and the road that leads to it are visible from the top, also from the hotel, at 1962 meters above sea level. The view also conveyed that there are possible hiking trails!

View of the valley from the hotel 

I was always impressed by the disciplined markings of Swiss hiking trails. The yellow boards with red and white corners are hiking trails, some of which can be taken along with families and the rest requiring intermediate fitness or experience. The ones marked in blue and white refer to trails that require significant experience in mountaineering (I have rarely taken these trails 😅).

A signboard showing different hiking routes and their directions

What we wanted from our trip was to be close to nature and that was exactly what we got. The postcard-like view of the hills and the warm rays from the upcoming sunset made us calm and relaxed after the long journey during the day.

Relaxing under the sun after a long day

After sunset, it was starting to get colder and we went back to the hotel. The hotel was warm and convenient for tourists and provided everything that I expected from a mountain hotel, which also meant less luxury. For more details, check here: https://www.grosse-scheidegg.ch/
Sunset view from outside the hotel

After a nice Swiss dinner, we decided to take a rest early to be ready for the big day the next day. That involved hiking until the forenoon, after which we planned to take a bus to the  Meiringen region (PostAuto AG Bus 164). Details on the hike and further travel will be there in the upcoming posts, so keep posted! 

Special thanks and credits to my friend for this impressive picture! 😊

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