Artistic marvel in the Tuscan city of Siena


Rich in medieval architecture, the town of Siena in the Tuscan region of Italy is a definite eye-catcher. There are many attractive things to see and experience in this place, and the Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena) is one of them.

View of the central square and the city of Siena from the top of the Siena Cathedral

The Siena Cathedral is not the hardest to find when you are roaming through the old pavements of this pretty city. If you have some time to spend in Siena, I would suggest not to miss visiting this marvel!

The Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena)


Though the exterior looks kind of typical for a Gothic cathedral, the interior might fool you! The interior of this cathedral is so unlike the other Gothic cathedrals that I have visited so far; it is so intricately decorated. It is so rich in culture that at some point, you will fail to know where to look; the ceiling, the floor, or everything in between. Being an ardent art-lover and being on my own for this trip, I had all the time to walk around the cathedral and enjoy the delicate details of the artwork. There are some artworks by Donatello and Michelangelo, including some frescoes by Pinturicchio that comprised most of the whole.

The ornated interior of the Siena Cathedral

Yet another attraction inside the cathedral is the Piccolomini Library. Having a library inside the cathedral grounds is not something that I expected, but here it seems to be an exception! This library was built in memory of Pope Pius II, who had a rich collection of manuscripts during his lifetime. The small hall is filled with beautiful frescoes that are a treat to the eyes.

The Piccolomini Library

During limited times of the year, the cathedral gives access to the 'Gate of Heaven' to the public. Through this pathway, one can access the rooftop of the cathedral, through which you can admire its interior from a different angle.

The rooftop also offers a beautiful view of the city of Siena, which you can admire while walking around on the terrace. 

It is worth the visit to book entry tickets that include the rooftop visit apart from the cathedral and the library. Hope you do the same when you are visiting Siena 🧡

The golden-starred ceiling of the dome  and the interior of the cathedral as seen from the rooftop

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