The luck factor


How often do we believe in luck? 

How often do we blame luck when we do not stay passionate about what we do and don't keep trying to make it work out?

I don't believe in luck or in outside forces. I developed that feeling from the start of my life, starting from where I grew up. I was taught from the start that neither luck nor any godly powers will look after me, and that only my capabilities and passion will be there for me until the end.

I do believe in work (hard work? That's not even a word) and improving myself each and every day. I developed that, again from my home where my parents raised me.

I was surrounded by books when I grew up, and the biggest change that I used to see at our home over the years is seeing more and more books.

When I and my parents were living together at our home in Kerala, India, I grew up hearing active discussions and debates on world literature, history, and politics every now and then. A weekend afternoon was about the three of us in three corners of the living room- with me and my mom reading books and my dad often writing something. For me at that time, a lazy day was about sitting idly, reading something, or painting. Reading, writing, and doing something creative were part of my routine; more than just hobbies. 

Without even being aware of it, this lifestyle of mine helped me a lot in life. My work-life, which I am still passionate about, is a life force paralleling my personal life. 

All this time, I have kept both lives as separate entities, just like how I had seen at my home. Both parallel lives are about putting in the effort; there are no shortcuts. When I look around the room and see these two passionate people who fought battles to do what they loved to do, I belonging to a more understanding generation, remind myself that I should do more.

In today's world where the ultimate goal is to be able to make more money as the way to success, take the less-trodden road! Be passionate about the things that you love to do first; the rest will follow. People who see you do that will find you as the luckiest person on Earth. That's the kind of luck I am interested in!

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