The impressive, Bohemian castle grounds: a visit to the Prague Castle

Apart from the cultural and artistic aspects of Prague, this beautiful city has its place in history. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prague Castle built in the 9th century boasts of being the largest castle complex in the world. This complex consists of a large number of palaces and Romanesque-style buildings including a Gothic cathedral of a later architectural style of the 14th century. 

An important symbol of the Czech state, Prague Castle is definitely worth a visit!

 This place is situated slightly uphill and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I would recommend spending a whole day in and around the castle as there are a lot of things to see! Try to get tickets in advance for entry into the castle. The ticket usually also includes a visit to the St. Vitus Cathedral, part of the complex.

Entry to the Prague Castle

With many chapels, the most popular being the St. Wenceslaus Chapel, the cathedral hosts exquisite architecture and precious gems. The crown jewels and royal tombs are also housed inside this cathedral, but these are not always open to the public. 

The eastern façade of St. Vitus Cathedral

One of the entries to the Old Royal Palace

The interiors of the Old Royal Palace are interesting, but I am more impressed by the premises of the castle, which includes the Royal Garden and the Golden Lane. The garden is well-maintained with an Italian Renaissance- style. I spent more time at Golden Lane due to my favor for old medieval streets. On a sunny day, a nice view of the city of Prague can be seen from the southern side of the palace grounds where there is an impressive viewpoint.

Built on the banks of river Vltava, Charles Bridge connects Prague Castle and its premises to the city's Old Town.  This old, picturesque stone arch bridge can be crossed to appreciate the view of Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral and the slow-moving river Vltava. Most of the time, the bridge is crowded with tourists, but you can plan for a perfect time to visit the bridge on the same day as the castle grounds. 

My visit to the castle took me more than half a day, and the rest of the day was spent on that side of the river (Malá Strana). I went to the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague and to the Ghosts and Legends Museum, which was fun! (

View of the castle on the hilltop along with Charles Bridge and river Vltava

Before your way back from the castle grounds, I would recommend having a coffee at the Lobkowicz Palace Café. The wall writing is funny!

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