The unique mountain known as Matterhorn; visiting Zermatt, Switzerland

 The world-famous Matterhorn is kind of a Swiss symbol; something the Swiss people are proud to own. It is in one corner of the country and is definitely one of the most expensive areas. Even though the place is touristy, I would recommend seeing Matterhorn, the mountain is definitely a beauty!

If you travel from either Switzerland or France, you will definitely pass through the pretty village of Zermatt to see Matterhorn. The wooden cottages are cozy and look like a fairy tale. Apart from the touristy air around the shops and restaurants, the town is worth a visit. Also, when you are in Zermatt, there is a particular spot where one can see the Matterhorn turning orange, yellow, and pink during sunset!

View of Matterhorn from Zermatt

Near Europe's highest-altitude hotel in Europe at 3,100 m

From Zermatt, there are many ways to get closer to Matterhorn. There is a cogwheel train, known as the Gornergrat Railway, that takes you up to the Gornergrat station, which is the closest point to Matterhorn and is accessible by transport. Gornergrat is a really cool destination, nice to have a fun time by having food with a view of the Matterhorn, but that is all one can do. You will see many tourists around, an expensive restaurant and a Matterhorn closer to you. If one needs less interaction with tourists, less expense, and more nature, I would rather go to the neighboring stations to enjoy some solitude and mountain air 😃

The view of Matterhorn from Riffelalp

There are some train stops before reaching Gornergrat. If you are ready to walk around a little bit, you can enjoy the best views of the mountain without other people bumping into you. What I enjoyed recently was a small hike around Riffelalp. 'Wherever you go, Matterhorn follows'- kind of applicable here. 

 If you enjoy hiking, you are definitely my kind of person! In that case, I would suggest taking alternate cable cars from Zermatt to other mountains nearby. The five lakes hike is comparatively easier and it is very impressive to see Matterhorn's reflection on these clear, bluish lakes. Don´t miss to go get a coffee from the Fluhalp hut near Lake Stellisee after a refreshing hike! The Schwarzsee hike is also quite impressive, and also slightly difficult to hike up. The hike to the base camp of Matterhorn is a pretty challenging one, which I will talk about soon (it has a story on its own!). In the end, no matter which route you take, checking the weather forecast is very important as even a slightly cloudy sky can cover the tip of Matterhorn, which can dim your expectations a bit. 

Here is me near Lake Stellisee, enjoying the clear reflection of Matterhorn in its waters. I guess I have seen this wonder in its most majestic state, right at this moment!

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