Perks of being a nerd!


If you are familiar with the Indian school system during the 2000-10s, especially the Kerala state school system, social science was a subject unnoticed in general compared to professional courses that were popular in the state. Apparently, this was the most interesting subject during my high school, with my eyes only on world history and geography (politics and commerce didn't even exist 😆).

One short chapter on plate tectonics during the tenth grade caught my eye and made all the difference. I am happy when some of my old batchmates recall how curious I was during Geography classes (I had given my teacher quite a hard time actually). When I figured out that Geology is what I was looking for (not Geography!!), my whole life started to move in that direction! 🔨🌋🌊🌎

Later in life, I was ashamed to show out my curiosity so that I will look less nerdy than I was. Now I think it is only this curiosity that keeps me going, further in research. Research can be quite demanding with unstable contracts, less funding, unbalanced working hours and the need to excel, but the thirst for curiosity can be quenched only by this domain.

Here is me, during my first year of Bachelor, staring in awe at some stalagmite and stalactite deposits in the limestone caves of Andaman Islands. 

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